Distraction & Relaxation

Feed The Hamster

His Name is Henry

Just sit and watch him exercise and drink his water

He'll follow your mouse pointer and you can'left click' to feed him

Newton's Cradle
is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy

(It's also great to play with)

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Dynamic Drive

Test Your Response Time!

Click on the "Start" button first.

Wait until the background colour changes.

As soon as it changes, hit "Stop!"

Feed the Fish

They'll folow your mouse pointer

'Left click' to feed them

Play With The Dog

His Name is George

He'll follow your mouse pointer, He'll sit, lie down, roll over, chase the ball (and bring it back, so give him a treat)

Use the icons

The Singing Hippo

- He makes me smile -
I hope he makes you smile too (smiling is relaxing)

For a very clever set of video Piano/Keyboard Lessons Click Here!

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